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                       Nature's True Remedies! 

Someone said: "More important than the food we eat, or the water we drink, is the air we breathe."

Our cities and large buildings remind us of the sad fact that the benefits of fresh air is forgotten.  We must make choices that will take us where we can receive as fresh and pure air as we can.

Fresh air charges nerves and muscles with electricity and that way increases energy.  

Our homes should have an abundance of fresh air and sunlight especially in our sleeping rooms.  Sleep with your windows open   without causing a draft. 

In rooms with the windows closed, you breathe the same air over and over and the oxygen content decreases and could result in sleepiness, sluggishness, and headaches.  This is especially important in the sickroom.

Each person requires at least 3000 cubit feet of air per hour to wash away and dilute the poisons poured fourth  by your own lungs and skin.  

We can do alot to improve our air in the home.  House plants enrich our air with oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and even remove toxic pollutants.  Place at least one plant for every 100 sq. ft. of indoor space.  Avoid any decaying garbage to remain in the house.  It will produce poisonous gases and germ laden mold spores that travel in the air.  Garbage cans, decaying vegetable or animal compost  should be far from the house.

As important as what we breathe is how we breathe.  Paul Bragg tells us the the deeper and fewer breaths we take, the longer we live.  The more rapid and shallow our breaths, the shorter we live.  Women tend to be shallow breathers.

The habit of deep breathing is an exercise.  Practice full deep breathing every morning.  Pucker your mouth as if to whistle.  Draw in air and expand your diaphragm.  Hold for 3 seconds, force out the air drawing in the diaphragm.  Draw in your tummy throughout the day and strengthen your muscles.  Educate it.  Work it.

Air starvation is more deadly than food starvation.


Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer, premature wrinkling and aging of skin, but in proper amounts, it can be good for your health .  Recent studies indicates that a high fat diet when combined  with sunlight may be linked to skin cancer.

Sunlight kills germs.  Sun and air out blankets that are not washed often.  Open the drapes and allow in the sunshine and fresh air.

 Proper amounts of sunshine  gives the skin a healthy glow and is more resistant to infections.  During the winter especially, sunlight elevates moods for most people.  

The body is able to manufacture vitamin D when sunlight hits the skin .  It only takes a few minutes of exposure to your face and hands to produce all the vitamin D you need.  Your body picks up calcium from your intestine for use in building healthy bones.

Sunlight could help: enhance the immune system, relieve some symptoms of PMS, and some say it may also help lower blood cholesterol levels.

Modest tanning is beneficial for your skin.  You must understand your own tolerance to sunlight.  Consult your physician if feel you are at risk.  Fair skinned people must begin with only five minutes a day.    Otherwise begin with 10-15 minutes per day  and up to 30 minutes for dark skinned people.  Never, never allow yourself to burn.  Be especially careful in the snow or water and on cloudy days, or on very high temperature days.  Remember to apply sunscreen.

As soon as you begin to feed your body properly on natural foods, you will develop a strong attraction to sunshine.  Your body will welcome  it and be nourished .

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