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RELAXATION     Unless you are able to "let go" and relax, all the extra supplements will do you no good.  Tension is tiredness.  Relaxation is youthfulness.  Or you might say: tension is ugliness, relaxation is beauty.  Relax your body and it will serve you better, no matter what your age or figure.

Here is one way to unwind and learn the art of relaxation:

Lie comfortably on a couch or bed.  Try to be alone or have complete quiet.  Make believe you are floating on a cloud, or anything that helps you let go and you feel loose and free.  Now start with the feet.  Turn each foot a few times to loosen it up.  Now relax the calves and thighs.  Flex them a few times or shake each leg a bit--then let your legs lie heavy.  Think of your legs as utterly relaxed--no tension.  Take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly.  Now tense you arms; stretch them--tense your fingers, spread them apart.  Make tight and hard fists.  Now relax the muscles of your hands and arms, and let them drop heavily by your sides.  Now comes the neck---sooooo much tension.  Roll your head from side to side a few times then let it sink deep into the pillow. The eyes are next--squeeze the eyes a few times, then open and close them a few times lightly, loosely.  If the eyelids quiver, you are still tense and nervous.  Let go and breathe calmly until the eyes don't quiver and flutter.  Let go of all tightness and tension .  This only takes about 5 to 10 minutes....and you can take more time...take a nap after.  Do it before going to sleep.  Take the time from your busy schedule.  You will be more valuable in your work and in your family and to your friends.  

THE SLANT BOARD    You lie with your feet elevated about 12 inches.  In the slant position, the spine straightens out and the back flattens itself.  You receive a natural face and neck lift and your inner organs go into their proper alignment.  The feet and legs release accumulated congestions  in the blood stream and tissues and help to reduce swollen limbs.  Sagging abdominal muscles get a lift, and blood flows to the complexion, hair and scalp.  Take the beauty slant for fifteen minutes, twice a day.  

THE STOMACH LIFT  Draw your stomach in and up, farther, on the count of two. On the count of three , you draw it in close to your spine. Don't stop breathing.  Try to hold  this position to the count of ten.  Then relax.  Do as often and wherever you happen to be.  One maximum contraction, performed once a day, makes the muscle 6 percent stronger in one week. 66 percent stronger in 11 weeks according to researcher.

EYE EXERCISE  These simple eye drills  will improve the looks and function of the eyes.  First: turn your head from side to side as if saying "no".  Do this ten times.  Second: Hold a pencil about ten inches away from your eyes, then look into the distance.  Do this ten time

HERBAL FACIAL SAUNA   At the drugstore or health food store buy a box of Swiss Kriss herbs.  Fill a 2-quart pot with water and bring to a boil.  Add one tablespoon of the herbs and place on a table.  Protect your hair with a plastic cap.  Cover your head with a large bath towel  and put your face over the pot and do not let the steam escape.  Let the steam go right into your face keeping it comfortable for three minutes and later increase it to five minutes.  Put on a timer.  Your face will perspire and loosen stale make-up, rancid oils, blackheads, and every bit of dirt in just a few minutes.  Your pores will be wide open, so close them by rinsing with cold water about six splashes.

BROWN SPOTS  Rub a few drops of castor oil into the brown pigmentation daily and many brown spots may gradually disappear.

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