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Rest is not idleness.  After a day or a week of prolong mental or physical exertion, rest is a "change of scene" a garden, a walk in a park, a picnic, a hike in the mountains.  All of us are on the go.  Schedules to meet--no time to stop and "smell the roses".  A certain amount of leisure is essential for health.

Natural sleep is the most effective form of rest.   It is during the hours of sleep that the body rebuilds it's tissue and alkalinizes itself.  You will sleep best when your stomach is practically empty.  When you eat a large meal before going to bed, your stomach must work extra hard as digestion slows down when you are sleeping.

When your food is digested, it must be assimilated; this work is largely done during sleep.  Energy is deposited in the cells and stored.  During sleep the supply of oxygen is replenished.  Your working power depends upon your body's capacity for storing "Energy Stuff"  Let your body do it's work!  If not , you will awake un-refreshed and you will not have an appetite for breakfast.

Arrange your daily schedule to allow for all the sleep you need in darkness and quiet.  Eight or nine hours is best.  Sleep requirements vary between ages and physical condition.  Newborns sleep 16-20 hours, young children -10-12;  Adults do best on 7-8 hours per night.  The best time to go sleep are the  hours before midnight.  Two hours of sleep before midnight are worth four thereafter.  

Fatigue can result from the various forms of noise present in our modern forms of living.  Relaxation in a quiet place can be very recuperative.  Noise is one of the greatest enemies of rest.

Through the required  amount of natural sleep; through congenial and lovable work; through recreation and play; through relaxation in silence , it is surprising how quickly our bodies can be recharged with revitalizing energy.

Take time to rest.

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