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"I'm so tired"....This was one of the most common complaints that we heard for eight years when we owned and operated our health food store.  Knowing the importance of drinking water and it's relation to fatigue, I would always ask how much water they drank.  Most people drank everything but water...juice, soda, coffee. tea or alcoholic beverages.

The human body is made up of 70% water.  The bloodstream is 55% liquid plasma, most of which is water.  All the nutrients in your food and supplements need water to transport them to various parts of the body.  Even your eyes need water.  All the vital body processes take place in a watery solution: Digestion, Circulation, Assimilation , Elimination.....even your skin!

The body loses about 10-12 cups of water a day through the skin, lungs, urine, and feces.  Food provides two to four cups of water, leaving six to eight glasses of water to drink a day. Absorption is much better when you break up your water consumption to 4 oz every 30 minutes. When you gulp large amounts of water it simply passes through.  Not doing so, dries up the skin, the digestive and elimination organs and the blood becomes thick.  

Fatigue and Disease may result by not drinking enough water!

Isaiah 44: 12 " He drinks no water and grows faint"

When too little water is supplied to the body , poisonous wastes products of tissue or cell change are not expelled as they should.  These toxic waste products  are dissolved and excreted by the kidneys, skin, bowels or lungs when sufficient water is present in the body.  Impurities are washed away.

Does it matter what kind of beverages I drink......they all contain water, don't they?

Many beverages besides water contain calories that must be digested.  These calories may produce extra fat storage, swings in blood sugar and slows digestion.  Some beverages contain chemicals that are added for color, flavor, preservation and other reasons.  This may increase acid secretion in the stomach and may irritate the delicate stomach lining and require the liver and kidney to detoxify and dispose of them.  Drinking water will eliminate these problems.

Bottled or Tap?

It is true that some water supplies have been chemically contaminated.  If you live in an area with unsafe water, you can protect yourself by installing a filtering system.

Bottled water requires federal and state requirements exactly the same as for tap water.  Most of us face more health hazards from not drinking enough  water than we do from its possible contaminants.

Does it matter when we drink our water?

Water should be drank between meals....15 minutes before a meal or two hours after a meal.  Drinking water with a meal dilutes your digestive juices and retards digestion.  The stomach must be approximately 100 degrees before it can start digestion.  Drinking ice cold beverages reduces the stomach temperature by 30 degrees.  Digestion is slowed down until the stomach can warm itself up again.

Let me share with you my schedule of water drinking!  When I get up in the morning ,before breakfast, I drink one 16 oz. glass of water.  My husband drinks it warm .  Some say that is best.  It makes me gag!   After my shower I drink another 16 oz. glass of water.  Later I have my breakfast....No beverages!  I take two 16 oz . bottles with me to work....drinking one two hours after my breakfast....the other I drink  after work.  There I have my eight cups of water for the day. Now I am free to drink other beverages that I enjoy later on.

We will be adding more information on the benefits of drinking water.  I would like to propose a toast for the new year with a glass of pure water!  " Here's to your health and long life."


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